This is the website of  a hotel, of a house, of a beautiful and spontaneous meeting-place, where you can eat and sleep, but above all…where you can feel well and where you’ll find your  relax!

This hotel was created in this way, just for you, who comes here for a short weekend or for a special holiday.

Hotel “Belvedere” is located in Montecatini Terme, a wonderful, charming town together with the valley where it is situated - Valdinievole - in ancient times known as a “slight valley of clouds”.

A unique thermal park, a mild and cheering climate, different breathtaking spa centers. On the hill is located Montecatini Alto with its  medieval fortress and a charming square.

From here it is possible to visit: Florence, Siena, Collodi, Forte dei Marmi, Lucca, Pisa.

"Water, water, water, that makes you feel hungry and that creates perfect, neat shapes. Once God lived here…you can really feel it!"






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