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Passion  (from the greek “pathos” and the Latin “patior”) is a feeling of strong intensity, usually characterized by large and intense attraction to a person or to a particular activity. The passions have been the subject of study of many philosophers, such as Aristotle, Aquinas, Descartes, Spinoza. According to Freud, the basic passion which influences a human action is called “libido”.

The modern self-love

The personal identity in the modern world means a vanity and desire for power, approval and selfishness. Relying on ideas of heroism and nobility, a new political society also legitimates  the willingness and the right to happiness. Between the seventeenth and eighteenth century, far from the Middle Ages, a man focuses on himself. Between the introspection of Montaigne and Rousseau’s myths of progress, there is also the Protestant Reformation which stimulates the man’s studies about himself. The man is placed at the center of his own activities, he affirms himself.

To be faithful to our intentions and desires, to ourselves - it is one of the most important personal values, to be conscious of our own cognitive and practical possibilities. The ruling passion is love for ourselves, for our own reason (according Descartes), for our own passions, which all become "good". In this way comes out a right for happiness that inevitably opens the door for lovely passion towards people or things of the Romantics.

In “Belvedere” we always open to you a space for passions for all kinds of interest, curiosity', art and culture.